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EU Worker Settled Status- Are Your Workers Compliant?
29 June 2021
Spring-Cleaning for Your Career: A How-To Guide
11 May 2021
Like many people, you probably set aside time for spring cleaning as the weather warms up. Why not do the same for your career? Taking the...
8 Tips on How to Ace Your Next Job Interview!
6 May 2021
Doing well in an interview is not rocket science but many people fail to get the basics right. If you do them well you will always have a...
Who Pays Agency Workers and How Is It Calculated?
26 March 2021
Up until now when you need an agency worker it probably hadn’t occurred to you to ask the supplying agency how the worker is being paid,...
Furlough Scheme Debt-Who Will Pay for It?
1 March 2021
The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on all aspects of society, both socially and economically. Some industries have been more...
Brexit, EU Workers and Temporary Labour
17 February 2021
Brexit is changing a number of things and temporary labour is no exception. The UK is set to introduce a Points Based Immigration System...
Agency workers will not be considered for internal vacancies on the same terms as permanent employees.
14 January 2021
An important recent ruling has set the tone for agency workers who apply for internal vacancies at the companies that they are working at....
IR35 is Coming Soon……. Are You Ready?
16 November 2020
Changes to IR35 legislation were due to be implemented in April 2020 but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government announced in March...
Furlough Scheme is Coming to an End... Strategies to Save Money on Agency Labour
29 September 2020
The furlough scheme is coming to an end at the end of October and it will be replaced with the Job Support Scheme from November 2020 until...