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Labour Compliance Get-Out-Of-Jail Free Card:

Within the last decade, the UK has seen a major crackdown on labour compliance, illegal working practices and fraud in labour supply chains. Specifically, modern slavery has been a significant issue for workers in almost every business industry, with the Home Office predicting there may be as many as 13,000+ victims of modern slavery in the UK.

These underlying issues have been continuously addressed by the UK government and HMRC, with recent legislations (the Modern Slavery Act 2015) and regular updates of existing legislations (IR35, National Minimum and National Living Wages) being implemented to tackle these issues. 

As a result, UK businesses regardless of their size, are being urged by HMRC to undertake checks to ensure complete compliance, stop modern slavery and create a level playing field for all businesses.

For organisations that use labour supplied by a third party, these checks should cover the entire labour supply chain, including agency and umbrella workers, to ensure complete transparency.

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The following guide includes: 

  • HMRC's third-party labour supplier due dilligence checklist
  • Information on Datum RPO's comprehensive auditing service 
  • Exclusive step-by-step guide to auditing your own third-party labour suppliers 

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