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Three Reasons Why You Should Empower Temporary Workers

24 May 2023

In today's fast-paced business environment, engaging and retaining talent has become a major concern for employers worldwide. With the rise of the gig economy, temporary or contract employees have emerged as an attractive option for many employers. However, these employees are often overlooked when it comes to empowering initiatives. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of empowering temporary employees and why it's crucial for companies to focus on this category of workers.

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What does Empowering Temporary Employees Mean?

Empowering temporary employees means providing them with the necessary tools, training, and opportunities to succeed just like any other full-time, permanent employees. It goes beyond just providing them with a job but also ensuring that they are satisfied with their work environment, feel valued, and have the potential to grow within the organisation.

Reasons Why You Should Empower Temporary Employees:

1. Increased productivity and job satisfaction

One of the most important reasons why you should empower temporary employees is that it leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Temporary employees who feel empowered are likely to be more engaged and motivated to deliver results. When employers invest in their temporary employees, they can build a sense of loyalty and commitment towards their work, resulting in higher retention rates.

2. Access to a wider pool of talent

By empowering temporary employees and offering them the potential for growth and development, companies can access a wider pool of talent. Forward-thinking employers recognise that temporary employees bring unique skills and experiences that can be leveraged across different projects and roles. Empowering these employees can also incentivise them to return to the company for future projects or opportunities, providing businesses with a reliable talent pool.

3. Improves Employer Brand

Employer branding has become increasingly important to attract and retain top talent. Empowering temporary employees can enhance an organisation’s reputation in the talent market, improving its employer brand. Word of mouth from temporary employees who have had a positive experience with an organisation can attract more high-quality talent to the business, creating a virtuous circle that benefits the company in the long run.

How to Empower Temporary Employees

There are several strategies that employers can adopt to empower their temporary employees. Below are a few examples:

1. Provide training and development opportunities

Offering training and development opportunities to temporary employees is a great way to help them upskill and develop their capabilities. This can include providing access to online courses, attending industry events or workshops, and engaging them in on-the-job learning opportunities.

2. Listen and Respond to Feedback

Employers can also empower temporary employees by listening and responding to their feedback. Regular check-ins and frequent communication channels provide an opportunity for the employer to address any concerns or feedback that a temporary employee may share. This demonstrates that the organisation values their contributions and is willing to respond to their concerns.

3. Collaborate with them

Involve temporary employees in decision-making processes, and listen to their suggestions, creating a culture of open dialogue and collaboration. By including temporary employees in team meetings and project discussions, they feel like an integral part of the organisation, and their contributions are valued. Encouraging such a culture can create a more inclusive work environment and drive higher engagement and productivity.


In conclusion, empowering temporary employees is essential for organisations to create a culture of inclusion, promote greater productivity, and enhance their employer brand. To do so, companies can provide training and development opportunities, listen and respond to feedback, and collaborate with their temporary employees. These initiatives create an environment in which temporary employees feel valued and provide a pathway for continued career growth and job satisfaction. The benefits of implementing these initiatives are significant and can result in greater retention rates, thereby, reducing costs associated with high employee turnover. Therefore, empowering temporary employees is worth the investment from employers to create a more engaging and productive workplace.



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