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11 January 2023

Recruitment agency audits may seem mysterious and baffling. Many companies don’t see the point of carrying out agency audits as they think it might be a waste of time and money. However, this view is completely wrong as recruitment agency audits can help your organisation to avoid the potential costs of legal riskin a huge way and this blog article demystifies recruitment agency audits.

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Are you worried about legal compliance?

When choosing new suppliers, or even managing trusted suppliers, it's essential that you stay in control. It can often be difficult to evaluate the stability and quality of new suppliers, as without practical use it may be hard to make a judgement call. On the other hand, whilst your current recruitment agencies may be providing you with the highest quality workers, it may be that they're not fully compliant or there is a periodical inconsistency of quality delivery. 
It is critical to ensure that you ensure your organisation complies with the law when selecting new suppliers or even managing trusted vendors. It can be tough to assess the stability and quality of new suppliers because it is difficult to make a judgment call without practical experience and a benchmark upon which to measure. 

Demystifying recruitment agency audits

Recruitment agency audits help you ensure that you receive a consistently good quality of service and to get the bestare not exposed to any legal risk from your agency labour suppliers, they must be regularly monitored to ensure you are not exposed and audited. The key reasons why recruitment agency audits should be performed are:

Protect your reputation

Audit checks protect your brand and its reputation by ensuring all legal and best practice checks are frequently taking place.

A consistent brand image

Ensure your brand is presented correctly by your agencies so you can attract the best talent and promote a consistent brand image.

Eliminate legal risks

Rule out any legal risks such as illegal workers, employees without contracts, and false self-employment and payments made via umbrella companies.

Prevent operational delays

From registration to certification and completing relevant checks prior to employment, ensuring the right processes are in place means no surprise hold ups.

Significant cost savings

By reviewing and cross-referencing workers’ pay slips, you can identify any overpayments and credit them back so you’re not out of pocket.

Stand out in the market

Demonstrating credibility and improving working standards can help to boost your reputation and give you a competitive edge.

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