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The Connection Between Employee Wellness and Company Success

20 March 2024

In today’s busy and demanding business world, companies are waking up to the importance of employee wellness as a key driver of organisational performance and growth. Research shows that ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of workers pays dividends in productivity, talent retention, innovation and the overall bottom line. As British businesses face tight labour markets and need to attract the best talent, investing in employee wellness is emerging as a critical competitive advantage.

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The Costs of Poor Employee Health

Poor employee health places a heavy toll on UK businesses. According to estimates by the UK government, sickness absence and presenteeism (attending work while sick) costs employers up to £7 billion per year. The leading causes of this lost productivity are musculoskeletal conditions, stress, anxiety and depression. In a 2022 Deloitte study, 65% of British millennials cited poor mental health as the top driver of work absences.

Forward thinking companies are realising they can no longer ignore these massive cost impacts. By addressing employee wellness proactively, they not only avoid these drains on productivity but also reap additional rewards.

Higher Engagement and Fewer Absences  

Healthier employees take fewer sick days and are more present and engaged at work. The 2019 Britain's Healthiest Workplace study found that workers with access to wellness initiatives reported 26% higher productivity levels and 22% higher concentration scores. By providing resources for physical activity, nutrition, stress management and mental health support, UK companies can boost their workforce's performance and efficiency.

Top Talent Recruiting and Retention

Employee turnover is staggeringly expensive in recruitment, onboarding and lost productivity costs. In the UK's tight labour market, employers that prioritise the holistic wellness of their people gain an edge in attracting and retaining in-demand talent.  A 2021 UK survey found that 72% of employees ranked wellbeing support and benefits as an important factor when choosing an employer. Companies that cultivate a culture of care through comprehensive wellness programs demonstrate their commitment to employees.

Greater Innovation

Employee creativity and innovative thinking are key ingredients for success. Wellness initiatives that reduce stress and encourage healthy habits like exercise and mindfulness improve cognitive performance and problem-solving ability. A Warwick University study found that well-being initiatives boosted employee productivity by 12% and improved worker creativity and innovation capacity. With healthier, more engaged employees, businesses spark more groundbreaking ideas.  

As data continues to emerge on the substantial upsides of employee wellness, British companies are realising that an investment in their people's health is an investment in the organisation's success. From startups to multinationals, business leaders see wellness initiatives as smart business strategy rather than a "nice to have." Building a valued, motivated and healthy workforce is integral to gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic UK economy. Companies that make employee wellness a core priority will reap dividends in profitability and growth.



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