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Spring-Cleaning for Your Career: A How-To Guide

11 May 2021

CareerLike many people, you probably set aside time for spring cleaning as the weather warms up. Why not do the same for your career? Taking the time to assess your current work situation and tweak it in line with your needs and wants will allow you to get on track for a career path that you truly love. Northeastern University describes signs it's time to change jobs, like feeling apathetic or complacent. If you’ve decided it’s time to make a change, follow the below steps, brought to you by Datum RPO, for spring-cleaning your career.


Write down your short- and long-term career goals.

You probably have some career goals in mind, whether it's reaching a certain earnings threshold or achieving a defined level of seniority. It's important to not only identify those goals mentally but also to write them down. As Forbes explains, writing things down encodes them in your brain. Being able to clearly describe your goals in writing is actually linked to goal success. Further, writing down your goals can help you determine whether you're on track to meet them.


Consider whether you'd benefit from continuing education.

If you do decide you need to make a career change, think carefully about what path you want to pursue. Will you need to gain additional educational credentials to achieve that goal? Alternatively, if you decide you're happy in your chosen career but aren't happy with your current status, continuing education can help give you the skills you need to advance in your field. It doesn't have to cost a lot. Online learning platforms like Udemy offer affordable courses on everything from coding to graphic design.


Revamp your resume if needed.

Whether you're looking to switch career paths entirely or simply seek advancement, you will need to revamp your resume. Add the latest job positions, accomplishments, and skills you've acquired since you last drafted this document. Don't forget to consider soft skills in addition to hard skills. Soft skills include things like leadership and communication ability. If your resume is very outdated, it may benefit from a style rehaul in addition to a content update. The Interview Guys offer a quick guide to types of resume formats and provide templates you can use for inspiration.


Seize the opportunity to start a freelance career.

In the course of identifying your goals and redefining your career path, you may have decided that corporate-office life simply isn't for you. That's totally okay. Thanks to technological advances like faster internet and higher-quality video conferencing, it's easier than ever to work remotely. Digital Nomad Soul describes the advantages of the work-from-anywhere life, like the lack of dress code. Many professions can now be done online, including mobile design, copywriting, web analytics, and social media marketing. To find clients, you can create a profile on an online job board like Upwork. This allows potential employers to find you based on criteria like price and delivery time.


Ramp up your networking efforts. 

Whatever your career goals, networking can help you achieve them. If you decide to stay in your current field, expanding your network can open up new opportunities for promotions. If you switch fields entirely, a strong network will allow you to meet like-minded professionals, find mentors, and land your next job. Business Insider describes additional benefits of a strong network, from offering guidance to supporting growth. Joining professional associations and entrepreneurs' groups can help you make new connections.

Spring-cleaning your career might seem scary — what if you discover you need to make a serious change? Don't stress! As Wharton Business School explains, it's never too late to switch professional paths. The fact is, it's better to be at the beginning of a path you want to be on than halfway along a path you hate. Use the above tips to get started.


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