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Recruitment Agency Audits- What Are They and Why Are They Important?

4 May 2022

It is critical to maintain control when selecting new suppliers or even managing trusted suppliers. It can be difficult to assess the stability and quality of new suppliers because it is difficult to make a judgment call without practical experience. On the other hand, while your current recruitment agencies may be providing you with the highest quality workers, it is possible that they are not fully compliant or that there is a periodical inconsistency in quality delivery.

To ensure consistent high-quality service and to get the most out of your suppliers, they must be monitored and audited on a regular basis.

Why should you conduct recruitment agency audits?

We believe that everyone should have complete confidence that their agency or contingent workers were recruited in full compliance with current legislation and recruitment best practices – and that recruitment agencies should have the necessary tools and knowledge to maintain these standards.

By performing regular audits (every six months), you can ensure ongoing compliance and that your agencies have everything they need to meet the standards you deserve by reviewing the processes, systems, and records in place for each recruitment partner.

Why are recruitment agency audits important?

Keep your reputation safe

Audit checks defend your brand and its reputation by ensuring that all legal and best practice checks are performed on a regular basis.

A unified brand image

Ensure that your brand is effectively presented by your agencies in order to recruit the best people and establish a consistent brand image.

Remove all legal hazards

Any legal risks, such as illegal workers, employees without contracts, false self-employment, and payments made through umbrella companies, should be avoided.

Avoid operational delays

From registration to certification and performing required checks prior to employment, ensuring the right processes are in place ensures there are no surprises.

Cost savings that are significant

You can detect any overpayments and refund them back by checking and cross-referencing employees' pay stubs.

Stand out in the marketplace

Increasing your credibility and enhancing your working standards can help you build your reputation and get a competitive advantage.

When can I carry out a recruitment agency audit?

Supplier audits can occur at any moment, but we recommend giving agencies at least 48 hours notice so they can be completely prepared. Suppliers must make sure that all essential paperwork, such as pay stubs, insurance certificates, memberships and accreditations, and ISO quality standards, is ready for examination on the day of the audit. Additional questions will be asked to validate agency Worker Regulations, holiday payment methods, how visa expiry dates are maintained, and whether an equal opportunities strategy is in place.

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By partnering with a technology driven RPO company, organisations have real time visibility and control which provide the foundation for effective management of a contingent workforce. Recruitment Process Outsourcing has emerged as a major new business service that helps organisations increase earnings per share, protect operating profit and free up more money to reinvest in the company, its technologies and growth. New technologies and RPO services now make spend and agency management simple across an entire organisation — not just a single cost centre.


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