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Making a Neutral Vendor Managed Service Programme Work for Your Organisation

27 June 2024

Setting up a programme where you work with different vendors without any bias can be beneficial for your organisation. It can help you choose the best agency suppliers, make fair procurement decisions, and save money. However, there are a few challenges you might face along the way, don't worry, we've got some tips to help you overcome them!

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Tackling the Challenges....

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

One of the biggest hurdles is getting all your colleagues to understand and support the idea of working in a slightly different, but better way. To make this happen, communicate clearly about the benefits of this programme and address any concerns or misunderstandings. Organise training sessions, workshops, and regular meetings to educate everyone and make sure you're all aligned.

Setting Up Clear Rules

It's important to have a ’project sponsor’ that oversees the process and ensures everyone engages with the prices. Define clear roles and responsibilities, and put systems in place to monitor and report on how things are going.

Choosing Suppliers

Ensuring that all current suppliers are included is important but can sometimes be tricky. Involve stakeholders from all departments to gather diverse perspectives and ensure that no one is missed.

Managing Multiple Vendors

Working with multiple vendors can be complex to manage. Ensure that your neutral vendor has a centralised system to monitor and evaluate each vendor's performance, ensuring they meet your standards and requirements. Regular communication and collaboration with vendors are also key to maintaining good working relationships.

Embracing Change

Implementing a neutral vendor managed service programme can mean changing some existing processes. Keep educating and supporting people through this change, and foster a culture of transparency and open communication. Celebrate your successes along the way to encourage buy-in and support.

The Benefits of a Neutral Vendor Managed Service

By overcoming these challenges, your organisation can enjoy the benefits of a neutral vendor managed service programme, such as:

  1. Choosing the Best Suppliers: You can select vendors based on their capabilities, expertise, and what they offer, rather than being influenced by existing relationships or biases.

  2. Fair Procurement: The procurement processes will be fair, transparent, and follow all the rules and regulations.

  3. Cost Savings: By having vendors compete and leveraging their expertise, you can optimise costs and get better value for your investments.

  4. Diverse Expertise: Working with multiple suppliers gives you access to a broader range of expertise, technologies, and solutions, helping you stay ahead of the game and adapt to changing market demands.

  5. Flexibility: A neutral vendor approach allows you to choose the best vendors for specific projects or needs, enabling your organisation to respond quickly to changing business requirements.

By setting up a neutral vendor managed service programme and overcoming the associated challenges, your organisation can benefit from a more efficient, cost-effective, and innovative approach to vendor management, ultimately driving better business outcomes.



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