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How RPO Companies Can Help You Drive Better Brand Management

21 September 2016

When you think of the hiring process, you naturally think about the importance of making a good first impression.

But first impressions aren’t just for hiring permanent workers. It also should apply to any potential temporary or contractor workers that you engage. Whether or not you engage the worker at the end, it’s important to ensure that the exposure they have to your brand throughout is consistent, engaging and respectful. After all, for those that do end up working in your organisation, the hiring process will be their first exposure to your business. And for those that don’t, the impression of your company formed during the hiring process will be powerful and long lasting.That’s why companies today are increasingly seeking to make use of their branding to help attract the best talent. In fact, 79% of manufacturing and production companies use their brand to attract the workers they want to recruit, whereas 55% of manufacturing and production companies use employer branding to improve external perceptions of the organisation for temporary recruitment. It’s much easier to manage your brand during this personal process than when promoting it the general public.

How RPO can help you better manage your brand

There are fewer variables in place, lower risks and much tighter controls than in other branding activities, and you are also dealing with an audience that is already heavily involved and engaged. Your ability to capitalise on this fact can help you to earn advocates among job seekers who are also potential customer’s clients and shareholders – making this audience a pretty important one.

How can you promote your brand throughout the temporary/contract recruitment process?

Unfortunately, some supplying agencies don’t help companies to enhance their brand, acting as a middleman and limiting visibility and control on the process. Not only that, but because these agencies will often control contact between the company and the candidate, you’ll have limited visibility and will be unable to ensure that agency workers are receiving the appropriate communication throughout the process.

Another of the areas where temporary or contract workers can have a poor experience is when it comes to payments. As agencies will be responsible for processing time sheets and making payments, if this process is poor, then it can lead to delays in payment which is sure to cause frustrations, and potentially damage your brand. Particularly as social media is always close to hand and makes it easy to ensure everyone knows about it.

That’s where Recruitment Process Outsourcing comes in. An RPO partner isn’t concerned with representing their own brand – rather, they make it their business to make sure all agencies are putting their own needs and motivations aside and are focused on representing your brand in every step of the temporary recruitment process, branding their efforts as though they were part of your own organisation. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of working together with an RPO company is that they embody the core values of your business, and make it their mission to ensure your brand is represented at all stages of the process. From sourcing to interviews, right through to on boarding, your RPO partner will ensure that every agency supporting your temporary or contract worker engagements sees your business in a positive light and has the best possible experience throughout the entire hiring process. How? By investing real time and effort in understanding your culture and values, so that they can present a clear, accurate and unified picture of your business.

Through accurate agency briefing, using technology to streamline payment processes and regular agency audits, they will ensure that any potential issues are averted before they damage your brand.

When dealing with temporary workers where, thanks to the sheer volume of candidates, inconsistent messages can unfortunately slip through the net – this is important. As a result, by choosing a vendor neutral RPO company who really understands and communicates your company’s vision and values through to agencies, your new employees will be more aligned to your brand and culture. That means not only are you getting the best possible candidates through attracting top talent, but you are also ensuring that all of your candidates view your business in a positive light that is consistent with your brand values.

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