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8 Tips on How to Ace Your Next Job Interview!

6 May 2021

Doing well in an interview is not rocket science but many people fail to get the basics right. If you do them well you will always have a positive outcome.

1. Research the companyunuasual-job-interview-01-1024x731-landscape

It’s obvious but you should know turnover, employees, what they do across all their divisions – most of this you can find on their website but companies house will give you their latest financial accounts  HERE.


2. Research the interviewer

Check out their linked in profile, how long have they worked there, where did they work previously, what are their hobbies, do you have anything in common, people, hobbies and interests!


3. Research the role

Do you have a job spec? if not, ask for one!

Read it thoroughly and understand it. Are there other people doing the same role that you could speak to? Again linked in will help you find them.


4. Try and understand the company culture

Try and get a feel for the company culture, social media will show photos of events that have happened or anything upcoming.

This will allow you to prepare more for how formal/informal you need to be but also to decide whether you will fit in.


5. Prepare questions

Many people go wrong here but have lots of questions prepared. Generally I would recommend having more questions prepped than you will need to ask.

If you have more questions to ask than the interviewer than it shows them that you are keen and well prepared. Also you are interviewing them as much as they you!

That said, don’t just have questions for questions sake, make sure that the questions you do ask are relevant and show that you have done your research on the company. 


6. Prepare answers

Think of the sorts of questions you might be asked and have an idea of how you might answer them.

This is not to say that you need to script everything but having thought about them in advance will help you.

When it comes to competency based questions think of lots of examples that you could give.


7.Read your own CV

Make sure you understand your own CV, don’t get caught out on something you have mentioned or forget when you worked somewhere, it will make you look silly!


8.Ask what the decision making process is

Don’t be afraid to ask if you have made it through to the next stage, ask for feedback, much like a sales meeting, ask for next steps.

Also its worth being open with the interviewer, if you think the job is not right for you say so!

I hope these help you, if they do please like and leave a comment.


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