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4 Little-Known Facts About How to Save Money on Agency Labour Spend

26 July 2023

Recruitment agencies are often relied upon by businesses to find temporary and contract workers. However, the costs associated with recruitment agency expenditure can sometimes get out of control place a strain a company's budget. To address this, a neutral vendor managed service can provide a cost effective solution. In this blog, we'll explore four little known facts about how utilising a neutral vendor managed service can help save money on recruitment agency spend.

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1. Consolidation and Centralisation of Recruitment Efforts:

A neutral vendor managed service acts as a central point of contact for all recruitment needs. By consolidating and centralising their spend on agency labour, companies can streamline their hiring processes and reduce costs. Instead of dealing with multiple recruitment agencies, a neutral vendor can coordinate and manage the entire recruitment process by engaging with multiple recruitment agency partners on your behalf. This consolidation improves efficiency and reduces costs.

2. Increased Transparency and Cost Control:

One significant advantage of a neutral vendor managed service is the increased transparency it provides. By implementing a centralised system, companies gain visibility into the recruitment process, including costs. A neutral vendor can provide detailed reports and analytics, enabling businesses to monitor expenses, track performance, and make informed decisions. This transparency helps identify areas where cost savings can be achieved, enabling better cost control and budget management.

3. Efficient Supplier Management and Rate Negotiation:

Engaging with a neutral vendor managed service allows companies to leverage the vendor's expertise in supplier management and rate negotiation. Neutral vendors have established relationships with various recruitment agencies, giving them better negotiating power. They can negotiate more favourable terms and rates on behalf of the company, ensuring cost savings. By leveraging their market knowledge, neutral vendors help businesses secure the best talent at competitive rates, reducing recruitment agency spend significantly.

4. Enhanced Candidate Pool and Talent Acquisition Strategies:

A neutral vendor managed service can provide access to an extensive network of recruitment agencies and talent pools. With a broader reach, companies can tap into a larger candidate pool, increasing the chances of finding the ideal candidates. Additionally, neutral vendors have specific expertise in the best ways of sourcing agency workers, enabling them to design and implement effective sourcing methods tailored to the company's needs. By leveraging their knowledge and resources, companies can attract top talent without incurring excessive costs associated with dealing directly with recruitment agencies.

The Bottom Line

Implementing a neutral vendor managed service provides companies with a cost effective alternative to dealing directly with multiple suppliers. It offers a much more controlled approach, optimising processes, and achieving significant cost savings. Furthermore, businesses can take control of their recruitment agency spend while still attracting the best flexible workers. So, consider exploring a neutral vendor managed service as a strategic solution to enhance cost efficiency and drive successful recruitment outcomes for your organisation.




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