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Increase in Temporary Employment During COVID-19 in UK- Is Temporary Work the New Normal?

Posted by Jarrod Mollison on 30 Jul 2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect every single area of our lives, the labour market remains under severe pressure, but there are early signs that the decline is slowing.

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Topics: Temporary labour supply chain

Neutral Vendor vs Master Vendor? A Guide to the Key Differences

Posted by Jarrod Mollison on 03 Jul 2020

If your organisation hires temporary and contract workers, you may have considered appointing a company to manage this on your behalf. You may have heard the terms master vendor and neutral vendor, but do you know what the key differences are? To help you with this we have put together this guide to highlight the key differences.

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Topics: Managing Temporary Labour, Benefits of RPO, Recruitment Trends, Temporary labour supply chain

Enabling visibility and control in your temporary labour supply chain

Posted by Jarrod Mollison on 23 Mar 2020

The drive for organisational improvements and a competitive landscape are just a few reasons why businesses seek new ways to reduce costs and improve financial stability. Executives and Directors are under extreme pressure to reduce expenditure and improve the bottom line. This report highlights the significant benefits (both financial and process) of efficient temporary workforce management.

This is no easy task - there are many barriers to having full visibility of your contingent labour spend. Factors that make this difficult may include: siloed business working, regionalised P&L reports, incorrect cost coding and lack of consolidated reporting. On top of this, resource constraints — specifically, lack of procurement time & resource and technologies to support — make this a goal difficult to achieve.

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Topics: Temporary labour supply chain